Pokemon machamp x reader lemon

Pokemon machamp x reader lemon Male trainer reader x male machoke lemon from the story Pokemon oneshot book (mostly for male readers) by thman67 (sighA series of one-shots of the reader's choice. pokemon x reader pokemon imagines pokemon raihan pokemon raihan piers pokemon piers raihan x reader raihan pokemon x reader piers x reader piers pokemon x reader pokemon sword pokemon shield pokemon swsh pokemon sword and shield pokemon sword shield raihan imagines piers imagines woah someone different yahoo! i love Raihan and Piers too this A collection of reader inserts of all genders involving the reader and a pokemon. Read Don't be scared of the truth. Mawilegirl I'm coming with yours but I haven't got the whole picture with it yet, and I WILL. A Magmar looked up and blush spread over his lemon bill. :) Thousands of Nurse joys across the Pokemon world took care of all 7/29/2016 · Pokemon IRL (CharizardxM!Reader) You sat in your room, playing Pokemon Go as you usually did. "Ash Ketchum (Japanese: サトシ Satoshi) is the main protagonist of the Pokémon anime series who has always dreamed of becoming a Pokémon Master and as soon as he hit the age of ten, he rushed to Professor Oak's Laboratory to get his first Pokémon. Be True [Male!Reader x Link] II. Chapter 7: Blaine's Magmar (male) X Reader Chapter Text. He had been staring at me the entire time I was here. This story will contain both consensual and non-consensual chapters. You quickened your pace, Looking around for the Pokémon. Warning: Kinky stuff. But this one came to me in a flash so please forgive me! Pairing: Machoke X Nurse Joy. I fell asleep on the roof, my 9/15/2017 · [Pokemon] [Pokemon / Pokehuman x Fem! Reader] [One Shot Collection] Pokemon and humans coexist in harmony. a new lemon. Current Pokémon: #94 Gengar (Shiny) x Female Reader (Consensual sex, Knotting, Ghost Sex, Referenced Non-Con, Big Dick, Somnophilia)Professor Oak asked you and [Pokémon] to get a sample from or catch one of the sick Koffings at fiery path. "Oh, hey there, ya little guys. As you approached the Poison Pokémon, you noticed that it was a far palehuman charizard x human lucario x male reader 4 ur pov~~~~ i wake up to a knock at the door. i yawn and wiggle out of the blanket, so i don't wake up the other three. However, you began hearing the familiar sound of a Koffing. You were sitting on your bed, waiting for the last of your incense to wear off. It's always a rare sight for a Pokemon to find someone who understands the true essence of Pokemon…Various Pokemon X Reader Sephi902. " I snickered. All of your friends were into this new game, and had gotten you aboard on the Pokemon hype train as well. This was easier said then done. I pet all the little creatures until I rounded to the Magmar. Despite this, there will always be disputes in terms of dominance and power. I promise. It was kinda cute. Koffings were rare to come by, let alone one of the sick ones. as soon as i manage to get out i walk to the door and open it. He's the first character to be introduced in the Pokemon machamp x reader lemon